Portrait of Moritz Petersen, Webflow Expert
Moritz Petersen

The Webflow Expert.

Web Design & Development for companies that want to grow their business with a great website.


Design and Development. All from one hand.

As a Webflow expert, I provide everything from one source - web design as well as web development. So you have one contact person for the whole process, from start to finish. And for development-only projects, my eye for design helps me to realize layouts the way they were meant to be.

Stunning animations.
For the 🤯 factor.


Fast development workflow. Lightning fast.

A powerful CMS. For your content.

Complete & efficient control over your content. And with dedicated landing page CMS templates, your team can take marketing to the next level.

The basics. Of course.

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    Responsive design
  • Structure Icon | Moritz Petersen Webflow Web Designer
    Clean CSS structure
  • Lightning Icon | Moritz Petersen Webflow Web Designer
    Fast loading times
  • Cloud Icon | Moritz Petersen Webflow Web Designer
    Scalable hosting
  • Search Icon | Moritz Petersen Webflow Web Designer

Perfected workflow. For a smooth project flow.

Latest web standards. Standard.

You're in good company. Satisfied customers.


A small selection of my projects.



Project Request

At the beginning of our partnership, there is the project request. Please be as precise as possible with your information, this helps me to understand what it's about and saves us both time.


Initial Meeting

For me, trust is extremely important when working together. In our first meeting (call), we get to know each other and see if we fit together well. Furthermore, we talk about the more precise goals & requirements, clarify questions, and define the next steps.



When we both have a clear idea of the scope of the project, I will prepare a proposal. I do not charge for my work by the hour but on a project basis. This way, everyone has a full overview of the costs.


Design & Development

As soon as I have the necessary materials, I start with the actual work. Here I pay special attention to transparency and short communication channels (slack etc.). I always work hand in hand with my clients so that every step can be followed.


Launch / Handoff

Once all parties involved are satisfied with the result, the website goes live or is transferred to the customer. Of course, I am available for any questions after completion. And optionally, I also offer Webflow training for your team.

Project Request

This form helps me to quickly understand what it's about and answers important questions in advance. So please be as accurate as possible with your information, it will save us both time.

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