Responsive Design Icon, Computer, Tablet und Handy

Responsive Design

Websites that work on all devices and screen resolutions, so your visitors have the best user experience. With Responsive Design, too little text on smartphones and back and forth zooming are a thing of the past.

CMS Icon, Datenbank mit Haken davor

Content Management System

Complete and efficient control of your website. In simple terms, a CMS is a database that manages the contents (images, texts, etc.). By linking this database to elements on the website, they become dynamic. Thus, a blog with hundreds of entries can be easily implemented and managed.

SEO Icon, Lupe mit Statistik von Suchmaschinenoptimierung


Search engine optimization is very important, because your website deserves to be found in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
Thats why I already have the search engine optimization in mind during the design process. This increases your visitor numbers and ideally your sales.

SSL Icon, Schloss


Security is an important issue these days. It's good to know that my websites are encrypted using SSL. Data is exchanged between the server and the browser of your visitors via a secure connection. Without encryption, all data to be transmitted can be viewed on the Internet and manipulated by third parties with little effort.

Schnelle Ladezeiten Icon, Blitz für Geschwindigkeit

Fast Loading Times

Nothing disturbs surfing the web more than a website that loads very slowly. Already 40% of the visits leave the site if the loading time is more than 3 seconds. Google also measures the loading time of a website and ranked the page accordingly in the search results. The speed optimization included in my service ensures more visitors and an increased chance to rank 1st place on Google.

Content Strategie und Usability Icon, Browser mit Website Layout

Content Strategy & Usability

The right content structure and intuitive user guidance improve the user experience. Therefore, it is important to define the content first so that the design can be adapted to the content & message as best as possible later on. Not the other way around.

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